Intuitive Erlebnis Kommunikation - Musik & Tanz




Finding our own rhythm, the „Other`s“ rhythm, the world´s rhythm.

From collectivity of ancient circle dances
to the individuality of free Dance -

From healing power of old folk Dances to the free joy of individuality.

Want, dare, be able to move...
Find your way back to your Body!



Find our happy and competent self by our moving body.
Finding and making peace and harmony in the world by our aligned and harmonized moving.

Improving communication, acceptation and finding harmony in group.

Experience space and dinamics in the group.

Moving experiences




Musical opening, harmonising, fine tuning, group creating, energising,
balance finding, communication, problem solving. Or – just for fun!
The way of the musician: Rhythm, harmony, melody.
Choir, instrumental and singing improvisation.
Musical listening.
Music group („Band“) projects
Drum circle

Choir, Uncovering the voice: Werbeck method-based voice shaping
Instrument building


Kieselschule - "eine kleine Kieselmusik"